The Solution the Cuban Has Found

For some time the Cuban has known how to survive by necessity, others have had to choose another road like abandoning their family and friends or even betray their own country that is so foreign when they are far from it. Thanks to the need to live they have made decisions that are very brave or very stupid. Some lose their lives for the great American dream or young girls become prostitutes and young boys perform homosexual acts into order to be able to have clothes to wear or something a little better to eat.

The Cuban today has forgotten his dignity and morals all for a system of survival created by the government.  The tourist is given more rights than a Cuban and the ego of the Cuban king must be fed. At this time when even your own family sees you as a nuisance you can really fuck up your life.

In Cuba there are more prostitutes than nurses and doctors because they have found a little better life. To make an honorable decision in Cuba is difficult and whatever you do you always hurt someone close to your, your friends or family.

The young Cuban has learned from childhood to live by making deals and trying to earn some pesos before going to school to graduate in a good career. It’s hard to say the truth at times but it is the reality of living in these times in Cuba. You have to make very hard choices to be able to live.

Many teenagers have a 9th grade education not because they can’t study but because they don’t have a pair of shoes to go to school and this is the solution they find. Others leave a career and work in a private restaurant because they say that if you study in Cuba you will never earn enough to live. This is the real solution of how to live in Cuba while the alligator sleeps in time.


One Response to “The Solution the Cuban Has Found”

  1. rossella Says:

    I would not believe all that if I had not been in Cuba. I am just back after 3 weeks as a “tourist” but a tourinst with open eyes. I have been there with cuban friends, who could not even come into my room in the casa particular without signing a document, just because they were cuban. That fact gave me the first hint about the situation, then 1000 others followed. Now I want to understand more and more.

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