I would be a gusano, a worm*, if I weren’t thinking about my people, if I didn’t want changes, if Yoani Sánchez, Claudio Fuentes, Claudia Cadelo and all the people who think differently could enter the cinemas and the theaters. I would be a worm if I didn’t give information to the Cuban people, if I lied in every speech I gave, if I beat the Ladies in White when I won. If I mistreated the prisoners, if I played with the future of the young people. I would be a worm if I took advantage of the supposed position of the leader. Worm if I censored groups of musicians for their songs telling the reality in Cuba. In spite of if all I keep dreaming that something good will happen some day and they will realize they have been wrong for the 50 years of history, that they live the reality that we are living. That they remember the meaning of worm is an animal that crawls and you have the same prototype. I would be a worm if were the opposite I would unnecessarily kick people and then take the people who back when in fact I was a policeman in plain clothes. I would be a worm if I shut up and didn’t say what I feel and participated in this void they are making. I would be a worm if I talked about revolution and violated rights and changed laws to suit my own convenience. I would be a worm if I faked happiness and left for Miami talking shit about my country, if I diverted money from my country into my own bank account. Before continuing these acts of repudiation first look into the critical power and the lack of respect for people who only want Cubans to live like human beings and not slaves like they are living in this little Alcatraz prison called Cuba.

Translator’s note: Gusano, literally “worm” is a derogatory term the regime uses against dissidents and anyone who leaves Cuba.


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