Neither Right Nor Left

I am only a young 19-year-old who is proud of what I am.  I have made mistakes, but I do not regret any of them.  I am proud of my friends and the courage that each of them have.  I feel free in the little space of my life, even if to some I am considered a pest who hangs around the city.  It seems that this is the punishment that I should carry, and it really does not bother me.  The only thing that bothers me is that whoever is hanging out with me also has to be faced with problems.  They have wanted me to change my way of thought and I am never going to do that.  I’d rather be caught dead than cheating my principles and concepts.  Perhaps in a few years I will have no one beside me, but I will continue raising my voice as loud as possible in order to be heard throughout the entire world.  Lies and betrayal should have punishments, and that punishment will be my job.  The more they humiliate us, the more we will continue forward without fear of anything, and we will not bend before “Pinocchio’s” lies.

I don’t regret that I am Cuban, the same way that Willy Chirino, Celia Cruz, Carlos Otero, Yoani Sanchez, Gorki Aguila, Ciro Diaz, Huber Matos, and all the exiles of the country, also do not regret it, even if one does not want to see it that way.  One day we will all reunite and together we will scream “Long Live Free Cuba”!  I am neither of the right or of the left, I am just simply me.  I don’t sympathize with the reign of the queen bee.  It seems to me that they live in a fantasy where they think that the people are with them.  However, they just need to go out to the streets and listen to the comments from everyday citizens and then they will know first-hand that what they are doing doesn’t have any morals or any value.  What they (the government) are doing is sociological torture.  They want the Cuban people to march when they are slowly starving.  Later, they try to calm the people with a concert so they can later go killing themselves with alcohol and police brutality.

I neither want to be king or peasant, and much less a buffoon.  I only want people to understand this country that has suffered for 50 years.  I want people to know how we walk two steps forward and then five back. Not even their own fully support each other, and whenever one of them slightly change their ways of thinking, they disappear.  Violence will solve nothing, understand that.  We were born to be free, and like it or not, that is my position and I regret none of it.  Even if they are watching me and following my steps I am going to continue walking.  And I am going to continue having my reasons, whether they like it or not, and they must remember that revolution means to change everything that should be changed and I think that the time for change has come.  Long live my Re-Evolution.

Translated by Raul G.


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