Return the Faith

Havana is dressed with sad stares.  The only thing the youth thinks of is the hope of being able to travel, being free, being able to work in order to see the fruit of their labor and to own whatever they want and not have to depend on an old man who doesn’t even know what he wants.  The only thing I can see is a regime that does not think of the future of its country and that doesn’t think of all the deaths that have occurred in open sea for wanting to realize the American dream.  When you triumph in another country because they didn’t grant you the opportunity in your own, you’re considered a traitor.  They don’t even know who the enemy really is any more.  They don’t realize that they are their own enemies.

I demand that they return the faith that they have robbed for half a century, and that they stop screwing around with those who want positive change for this humanity that is always mourning the memories of Cuban families who have been lost in time to Cuban history.  I want them to tell me something good that they have accomplished.  And I don’t want them to mention the supposed medical missions, with those conditions anyone can make missions.

I am referring to the Cuban reality- the reality of so many people not having jobs day and night and going to bed only with rice and an egg because the money they earn is nowhere near enough to feed oneself properly.  To me, the real heroes are not “the 5″*, instead the true heroes are the 11 million Cubans who live on this island.  Being born in this island lost in the Caribbean automatically converts you into a true hero.  You don’t have to fight, nor win a battle, you just have to try to live with shitty salary they pay you and live off the mandates they bark at you when you manage to live that way.  Name yourself a real life hero.  Let’s all get together and let’s scream that they must return our faith to us, the faith that they have robbed from us for 50 years.

Translated by Raul G.


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