You Will Not Enter Your Own Concert

At around 8:30 pm, on Friday, April 23rd, a concert was being held by one of the most popular hip hop groups among young people, as well as older generations, in the Acapulco theater located on 26th and Acapulco in New Vedado.  The tickets were being sold since the morning hours of Thursday for 10 pesos (in the national currency).  All the preparations for the concert had started a month prior to the actual show in order to have everything turn out the way it was supposed to.  From the very first promotions in all of the City of Havana, everyone was talking about the grand concert of Los Aldeanos.

The concert was titled “Revolution,” the same name used for their documentary which was shown in the Chaplin theater on 23rd and 10th.  But everything did not go as smoothly as we imagined it would.  Once again, there were 100 people with special theater invitations.  The public was anxious to go in and take their front row seats in order to not miss out on one bit of the spectacle.  As I am going there in a car I bump into Melisa Riveri, the international producer of the group.  I asked her how the tensions were and she replied to me by saying that everything was very tense.

When I got out of the car and entered through the artist’s entrance I found Ciro Diaz.  He then told me that they did not let him go in.  I told him that I tried with the producer but I couldn’t get in either.  When I tried going in again they showed me a list of names of people who were prohibited to enter.  They then began to read the names to Melisa.  The first name on the list was Yoani Sanchez, followed by Ciro Diaz, Claudio Fuentes, Gorki Aguila, Reinaldo Escobar, Claudia Cadelo, and someone that I truly did not expect to be on that list, at least not for that specific day- Alain Saavedra.

At that moment, my face dropped as I heard my own name.  With so many people waiting for the concert to begin, any argument would have taken a while.  The only answer they could give me was that such an order had been received from “higher up”.  I told them that I was the DJ who was supposed to work in the concert and they replied by telling me that such a job could be replaced by anyone, and that, in fact, someone else had already been hired to do and that I was not going to enter.  Since I wanted the concert to go on I refused to continue arguing with them, seeing that none of the problems were going to be solved.  The concert was then dedicated to all those people who were not allowed to enter and mainly to a Free Cuba, and that one day all those people will pay for all that they have done over time, we will see their faces.

Translated by Raul G.


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